About Us

I started as a cosmetic chemist focusing on high-end skin and hair care. It always bothered me that we would create these beautifully simple, effective products; we would then have to pump them full of fake colors, dangerous fragrances and enough preservatives to outlast the next eon. The marketing teams would destroy these otherwise perfect products with their "signature fragrances" or "branded color schemes." It's important to me to create safe products that are simple and effective, without any of the marketing nonsense. VOID Soap was born from that idea. Every day, between our toothpaste, deodorant, hair management, shaving routine, what we eat, the perfumes we spray, and all of our household cleaners - we are exposed to a lot of chemicals I'm certain we would prefer to avoid. VOID Soap promises to keep our ingredients pure, and our mission honest. Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't.   Stay tuned for new products as our R&D team expands this brand! Thank you VERY much for supporting our mission.